這首歌其實我是先聽到Glee中Mr.Schuester唱的,由於我很喜歡Mr.Schue,這首歌不知為何就是對我很有吸引力,平常我是很討厭Rap的人,但這首歌我就是無法討厭,有讓人想跳舞的感覺! 雖然我很喜歡Glee version,但依舊要尊重原唱,原唱是Young MC,1989年的作品,每每遇到我能夠喜歡的Rap我都很開心,但是我又有種給自己找碴的感覺,這首歌想必翻起來不是簡單的...。




Bust a move 激情熱舞


Bust it!



This here's a tale for all the fellas

聽好了小伙子們 這是個故事

Tryin' to do what those ladies tell us


Get shot down 'cause ya over-zealous


Play hard to get females get jealous

玩得太花 女人反而忌妒

Okay smarty go to a party

好啦 小聰明 來去派對

Girls are scantily clad and showin' body

女孩穿得暴露 展示身材

A chick walks by you wish you could sex her

一個小妞走過 你希望你能和她做

But you're standing on the wall like you was Poindexter

但你卻只是站著像個呆子 *註1


Next days function high class luncheon

接下來的日子 去下高檔餐廳

Food they're serving, you're stone-cold munchin'

他們服務上菜 你冷漠耍酷

Music comes on people start to dance

音樂開啟 人們開始跳舞

But then you ate so much you nearly split your pants

但你吃太多了 褲子都差點被撐爆

A girl starts walking guys start gawking

一個女孩離開了 男孩們全都疑惑

Sits down next to you and starts talking

女孩坐到你旁邊 開始和你攀談

Says she wants to dance 'cause she likes to groove

她說她想跳舞 因為她那樣跳 *註2

So come on fatso and just bust a move

所以上吧肥仔 激情熱舞!


Just bust a move!



You're on a mission and you're wishin'


Someone could cure your lonely condition


Lookin' for love in all the wrong places


No fine girls just ugly faces


Some frustration first inclination

有些挫折 第一志願

Is to become a monk and leave the situation

就是成為一個僧侶 遠離這些凡事

But every dark tunnel has a light of hope


So don't hang yourself, with a celibate rope



Your movie's showin', so you're goin'

電影之夜 快去看看

Could care less about the five you're blowin'


Theater gets dark just to start the show

電影院燈光變暗 表演開始

Then ya spot a fine woman sittin' in your row


She's dressed in yellow, she says

她穿著黃色衣服 她說

''Hello, come sit next to me you fine fellow?''

''哈囉,快來坐我旁邊 你這帥哥''

You run over there without a second to lose

你立刻跑去 完全沒有遲疑

And what comes next hey bust a move

接下來就 激情熱舞!



If you want it baby you've got it (repeat)

你想要的 你就會得到

Just bust a move



In this city ladies look pretty

這個城市 到處美眉

Guys tell jokes so they can seem witty

男孩說笑話 想要看來聰明

Tell a funny joke just to get some play

說個笑話 就為了得到一晚

Then you try to make a move and she says ''No way''

你想要開始追 但她立刻打槍你

Girls are fakin' goodness sakin'

女孩兒愛欲擒故縱 看在上帝份上

They want the man who brings home the bacon


Got no money and you got no car

你沒錢 你也沒有車

Then you got no women and there you are

那你就追不到女人 所以你才在這裡


Some girls are sadistic, materialistic

有些女孩是虐待狂 或者 超級現實

Lookin' for a man makes them opportunistic

尋找男人 把他們都變成投機者

They're lyin' on a beach perpetrating a tan

她們躺在海灘上 準備將自己變成棕色 只為了好看

So a brother with the money can be their man


So on the beach you're strollin' real high rollin'

在沙灘上你在漫步 超級奢侈

Everything you have is yours and not stolen

你身上的東西都是自己的 不是偷的

A girl runs up with somethin' to prove

一個女孩跑向你 想得到你

So don't just stand there bust a move

這時別只站著 激情熱舞!


If you want it baby you've got it (repeat)

你想要的 你就會得到

Just bust a move



Break it down homie fellas!

準備好囉 小夥子們!


Your best friend Harry has a brother Larry


In five days from now he's gonna marry


He's hopin' you can make it there if you can


'Cause in the ceremony you'll be the best man


You say neato, check your libido

你說很好 看看你的慾望

And roll to the church in your new tuxedo


The bride walks down just to start the wedding

新娘走上紅毯 婚禮就要開始

And there's one more girl you won't be getting


So you start thinkin' then you start blinking

你開始思考 開始拋媚眼

The bridesmaid looks and thinks that you're winking

伴娘看到了 以為你在對她拋媚眼

She thinks your kinda cute so she winks back

她覺得你滿可愛 所以也對你眨了眨眼

And now your feelin' really fine 'cause the girl is stacked

而你感覺良好 因為那女孩身材姣好

Reception's jumpin' bases pumpin'

現場歡樂 貝斯彈奏

You look at the girl and your heart starts thumpin'

你看著那個女孩 心跳開始加快

Says she wants to dance to a different groove


Now you know what to do just bust a move

現在你知道該做啥了 就 激情熱舞!


If you want it baby you've got it (repeat)

你想要的 你就會得到

Just bust a move




註1:Poindexter,Felix the Cat 卡通電視影集中的角色,是個書呆子。

註2:Groove 一種舞步。



我同意翻這個真的有點累 不過還滿好玩的




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